Introduction to Easter Retreat 2020

No 22 - Special 1916:7 Georgia O'Keeffe.jpg

No 22 – Special. 1916/7 Georgia O’Keeffe

Friends, I wonder how this finds you today.  As the lockdown endures and the death toll rises, I find the weather of my moods moving through four seasons in one day most days. I have been battling with technology for this Easter retreat and not altogether successfully.  I thought I could just put a video here but this is not possible – you have to go through another platform so I now have a YouTube channel!  I find this completely excruciating.  So the videos will stay up for exactly a week.  After that, if you liked the Arriving Routine (Body Prayer) and would like to keep it, I will send it to your email address privately.  So for my Introduction to the Retreat video you need to go to YouTube.  It is called “Introduction Easter 2020 Retreat”  Don’t put in Tess Ward because that won’t take you there.  The same information is in black and white on the PDF of the same name Introduction to Easter Retreat 2020  Then there is a Preparation for Rituals PDF which tells of the objects you need to gather together. Preparation for Rituals

I will post Maundy Thursday and Good Friday morning on Monday.

Good Friday Mid-day and Tenebrae on Tuesday

Holy Saturday Morning and Easter Vigil on Wednesday

Easter Morning on Thursday.

I am beginning to hear the phrase “when this is all over” a lot.  Far from being over on Easter Day, in Britain, we will be hitting the peak of deaths in our islands.  In the original retreat I played Nina Simone’s version of Here Comes the Sun.  I love her version because her voice carries “the long cold lonely winter” in a way the original doesn’t.  I knew it was not the right song for this year, sadly.  Too soon.  “When this is all over” isn’t about what we think is going to happen tomorrow.  It’s a conviction of hope.  And that is what Easter is about. I wish you a blest time in your retreat.

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