Maundy Thursday and Good Friday morning


The Nativity of the Virgin Paolo Uccello (1397- 1475)

Friends, I lied when I said for each ceremony there are 2 documents – I forgot the pictures!  There are 3 and actually for Maundy Thursday I have offered a choice.   One is a gentle picture. The other is, I think a very powerful picture of Christ and I don’t generally like realist pictures of Christ but this one moves me and I think it fits well with the Agony in the Garden.  It is up to you which you print and use. The gentle one is by Antonio Sicurezza 1969 called “Clean Hands” Antonio_Sicurezza_-_Clean_hands-1  Or Maundy Thursday 1.

As I said yesterday, there is then a Preparation document to be read ahead of time and then an “Order of Service”

For Maundy Thursday Preparation Maundy Thursday and Maundy Thursday 2020

For Good Friday Morning:  Picture Good Friday   Before the ceremony please read Body Prayer Introduction  No need to print. Preparation Good Friday morning and Good Friday Morning 2020

Blessings as you prepare for your Holy Week

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