Good Friday Mid-day and Tenebrae

Crucifixion 9 1987 by Craigie Aitchison 1926-2009Crucifixion 9 1987 – Craigie Aitchison

Friends if it’s all felt a bit complicated, it get simpler from here on in now that the basics of the retreat are set up. Here are the resources for the rest of Good Friday.  I meant to say that Good Friday morning is the most optional of all.  I would have said that Good Friday night is too but when I looked at the Lamentations reading again which would be read anyway for the Tenebrae, I was staggered how spot on it was this year as we wander our deserted streets.  So keep it if you can!  Good Friday Mid-day can of course be held any time between 12 and 3.  I posted the picture for Good Friday yesterday.

Good Friday Mid-day Preparation for Good Friday Mid  Good Friday 12pm 2020

Good Friday Night/Ceremony of Shadows – Tenebrae Preparation for Good Friday Night

Good Friday Night 2020

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