Easter Morning


The Gothic Window 1900 Odilon Redon

Friends, here is the last day of the retreat – Easter morning.  People seemed to like the first image that I put up for this retreat – The Holy Women at the Tomb 1893 Maurice Denis so that is the picture for Easter morning. Women at the tomb Maurice Denis

Preparation Easter Morning and Easter Morning 2020

If you have been following this retreat I know it will have been a very different Easter to what we’re used to. All sacred spaces are about the circle and the space.  I hope the material has been a workable circle  to keep the space at centre open for the Beloved to easter in us.  I wish you blessing this Easter, one like no other.

4 thoughts on “Easter Morning

  1. Hi Tess. Happy Easter to you and yours! Thank you so much for your Easter retreat. I loved the music and the body prayer especially. After all the recordings and live streaming and challenges of technology (very little of which I engaged with) what I needed was some space, simplicity, some different words and connection to my body. You brought me back to a practice I needed. Thank you x

  2. Yes, thank you for offering this alternative rendering of the Easter narrative. This very sensory engagement has truly facilitated a rich encounter in these strange days. Thank you.

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