Holding the space for folks to mark their important moments in a sacred and meaningful way has always been one of the greatest joys of my work. My apprenticeship was in 3 years of baptisms/thanksgivings, weddings and funerals as a rural parish priest which rooted me in practice. I particularly loved the funerals. After that, I moved back home and became increasingly enriched by the earth traditions. I was then invited to take funerals, weddings and other ceremonies which opened out my craft and enables me to offer the flexibility that I believe is invaluable when celebrating a beginning or an ending.

The landscape of marking our rites of passage has changed much in the last 10 years and is set to change even more in the next 10 because people know now that they can choose and be imaginative. I offer ceremonies which I co-create with a family to reflect who they are and their spiritual path. I invite them to guide me as to how much or how little they would like to contribute to the service or ceremony and I offer my experience and skills at helping design the shape and elements of their particular ceremony. I hold them in my thoughts and prayers from when we first meet and for long after the ceremony.

My book “Alternative Pastoral Prayers” gives a flavour of the words and some of the rituals that could be used for a service/ceremony but no two are the same!

I have experience of celebrating baby blessing and namings, house blessings, animal funerals, wedding blessings and anniversaries/renewal of vows, end of relationship and am available to help mark these and any other significant stages on the way eg mother blessings, croning, handfastings, partnership blessings, birthdays, retirement.

There is a standard fee for taking a funeral which is payable through the funeral directors.

For other ceremonies, fees would start at £180 and increase depending on time spent and any travel expenses.